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Opposite hand of sketch in same part with 2 configurations using mirror?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Nov 25, 2013
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For the shop I needed to make a simple sketch of a mitered angle.  I've attached the part.  For the opposite hand, I just did a quick "mirror part" and saved as a new file.  I thought I could keep the same file though, and just make a new derived configuration with the opposite hand but when I try to use anything other than "mirror part", it keeps the original left hand one in the configuration.  I guess what I'm asking is the simplest way to make two parts, one left hand and one right hand in the same part but with two configurations.  Maybe this can't be done.  When using "mirror part" and choosing the plane for mirroring, SW automatically puts the opposite into a new part unless I'm seeing some wrong but I see that it is still referencing back to the original parent part in a different file.  Thanks for any input.