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Appearances and motion studies

Question asked by Jay Arling on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by Rob Rodríguez

Wondering if there's an easier way:


I created a bunch of motion, appearance changes, etc. in my motion study, then went back to my model and made some refinements to my appearances.


Here's the issue: say A is the appearnce I want my part to have when nothing special is happaneing, B is the hidden appearance.


I create a motion study and have keypoints B-A-B to fade a part in then back out. I go into my model and change the color of the part (say change from red to blue). I go back to the motion study, and now my keypoints B-A-B don't just fade the part in, they fade it from invisible/red to visible/blue. To fix this, you pretty much need to recreate all of your keys. Apply this to a handful of parts that undergo these sorts of changes several times and this becomes a pain.


Has anyone considered an enhancement that would streamline these sorts of apperance changes? I.E. If you're fading a part in and out, and make a change to the appearance in the model, all keys update appropriately?