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Costing Template Problem

Question asked by Jaroslaw Guz on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by Jaroslaw Guz

I discover problem with setting up costing template for sheetmetal. I had couple attempt to set it up (since 2013 version) and after i saw tutorial how costing warks on this forum i try to do it again. I use existing sheet metal template saved with diferent name or even started from scratch with new fale with same problem. When i add/modified material it works fine, then i go to thickness and set it up for each type of material and thicknes and it looks fine. But then in Cut setting i have strange behavior shown on picture (just for two alum materials modified). Look at guage 20 thera are two posiotion instead one so each one is locked for each alum 6061 and 5052. beacause of that later when i use costing feature in solidworks some for one material type it will recognize type of my setup but for second type it will remain unrecognize (and i cant change it). this is only for two types alums. I know alums, steel ,galvinaze steel have diferent thickness and guages but this is same group. With this bug it is hard to find in my cut setting which number "20" i have to assign to waterjet to be albe use (you see only nlist of numbers). Something is wrong and i dont see way people configure this that way because with 10 types of alum and 10 types of steel i will have 20guages*100 numbers on list and it will not be possible to figure out what is what. Also it is not posible to load table filled in excell with thickness feature so we can only fill cells in templet creator and save it in excell or update but whatfor? I spend a lot of time filled this template with my numbers but it wasn't recognize later path and setups in slidworks. When you try tu use what they gives you as sample works ok.


So if anybody can try to set it same way i did and tels me hopely i'm wrong. Otherwise they are and it will be shame and totaly useless feature....