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Linking a selection variable to a check box variable in a data card, possible?

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on Nov 25, 2013
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We use EPDM to control our project quotes. I have added a Quote Approval tab section that ties visibility of the approval tab to the logged in user. However when the manager signes the apprpval tab, via a pull down that has their name only, other users can't see who has approved the quote. What I want to do is tie the variable "SPQ-Apr_AG" from the drop down selection to the check box  in "Approved By" for the same user, which is read only. So if the manager approves the quote the check box will automatically get selected. I thought by setting the check box to the same variable as the drop down it would get checked if a value was selected, however this does not work. Any ideas? 



Jeff Thomas


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