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    AC Electric Motor Manual Run and Some Helps

    Sercan Sercan

      Hello Greeting from Turkey,

      I am senior mechanical engineering student and I have some trouble to handle some of the subfunction of my graduation project. And ıf no excuse I want to get some help from you such as talented enginner. In my project, there is a AC asenkron electric motor attaced at 2.5 meters heght from ground and I need to run this motor both manually and automatially. The task of the motor is lift some goods from 1.2 meter to 2 meter. And there is case which electric off I have to lift goods manually from 1.2 meter to 2 meter.

      How can I handle this ? I could not understand how to motor holds godds when electric off ?

      Or if  motor brake is activated how can I ride maually this storage unit by hand ?

      Thank you ?