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    Network SolidWorks files and mobile users

    Brian Long

      I am wondering what everyone does for those users that work away from the office from time to time.

      Do you create offline folders on the laptop for the users to work from and sync when in the office? If so, do you use the copy setting wizard and have two settings files on the laptop, one to use while in the office pointing to the network files and one to use while on the road to point to the offline folder locations?

      Do you VPN into your companies network to access those files? This is what we do and it is very slow and frustrating waiting for SolidWorks to find the files.


      I am looking for a better way to access those files that are in a network location while away from the office. Files such as Toolbox, custom properties files, design library and custom materials. I would like to use the offline folder and sync when in the office, just not sure how viable this option is and would like input from those that use them. I would also like other options if possible.


      Thanks in advace

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          Jared Conway

          we recently started onboarding nvidia GRID VCA as a solution for our customers in your situation: http://www.hawkridgesys.com/products/nvidia/


          i think it is the best solution as long as you have a good network connection. we had some challenges implementing it internally because our VPN was slow but we switched from an SSL VPN to an IPSEC VPN and solved that problem. your users' experience would be the same regardless of whether they were at work or at home and you'd gain all the performance and productivity benefits because the GRID is directly connected to the files.


          the only thing this doesn't address is mobile users that need to be completely offline (like on a plane). for this, i'd go with enterprise PDM. pull down local copies of the files..etc so that it is like what they have at work. and for user settings, my experience is that users just "deal" with having 2 sets of settings. that being said, you'll want some file locations set so a small .reg file with those to point those locations to the right place in the vault is probably a good step to have.


          feel free to contact me at jared@hawkridgesys.com and I can connect you to the right person to talk to about those solutions.