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Question asked by Patrick Stewart on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by Patrick Stewart

Hello..........any body out there?  So you have made it through the rescession, your company is hiring, but the hiring mangers do not see SolidWorks skills a must.   So all of your new staff is run a muck and multi-configruating what does not have to be configurated, files are being corrupted, duplicated etc.


So what happen?  all the folks you sent to the VAR for training have left for greener pastures, and now you have order's on hold because your knowledge base is gone........Sound familiar?


Then you go home at night kick the dog yell at the wife, fight with your co-workers, how do you get it to stop.


Save your self,  start a  "Internal SolidWorksTraining Team", " For the Good of the Company.



Note: The attatched PDF is a work in progress.  Submitted to SWW2014 but not accepted as of yet.


Please responed with suggestions on this topic, if you to see this in your SolidWorks World.