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Part Number Displayed When Using BOM

Question asked by David Robarge on Nov 22, 2013

Hi everyone,


In SolidWorks, when you create a configuration, you can right click the configuration, and then under the Bill of Materials options, you can input a

seperate number that will be displayed as the part number in the BOM.


Is there any way for this feature to carry over into 3DVIA Composer? For example, I have one part with about 20 configurations, and each one

has its own part number. I need each configuration's part number to be shown as the part number in the BOM.


The only option I see is to save every configuration out as a seperate part, with the part name as its part number.



P.S I am aware that Composer can use metaproperties to create a collumn showing configuration name. What I really need though is to have only 1 collumn showing part numbers, not multiple.




Thanks for any help.