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    NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner

    Andrew Grove



      Wondering if anyone out there has experience in using the NextEngine 3D scanner along with

      SolidWorks to capture and work with scanned geometry?  I am using SW Professional and I know

      that SW Premium has some additional functionality to work with point clouds.

      Any input would be appreciated.





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          Lenny Bucholz

          Yes we have one here at ASU in our student shop.


          You have 2 options in SW you have Scanto3D or if they bought the RapidWorks software with the NextEngine scanner you can use that.


          RapidWorks is more powerful and can turn your scan back into a feature based part....BUT....


          yes there is that But, going the other way, from scan to solid isn't as simple as one would think.


          you need a lot of patients


          still learning after having it a year


          ScanTo3D Overview


          Using the SolidWorks software’s ScanTo3D functionality, you can open scan data from any scanner (mesh or point cloud files) or curve data from mathematics software, prepare the data, then convert it into a surface or solid model.

          When you open the scan data, you can open it as a new part document or import it into the currently active part document. Click Options in the Open dialog box and set the options.


          ScanTo3D significantly reduces the time required to build complex 3D models from non-digital data. Designers can use ScanTo3D for various purposes:
          • Medical designers - Create anatomical objects for reference.
            Example of a solid created from scanned data of a hand, using the Surface Wizard's Automatic creation.
          • Consumer product designers - Create quick representations of physical components made from clay, foam, etc.
          • Machine designers - Create quick references to OEM parts.


          ScanTo3D is available only in SolidWorks Premium. To activate ScanTo3D, click Tools > Add-Ins, and select ScanTo3D.


          If you have a NextEngine scanner, click NextEngine Scan Tool_NextEngine_Scan_ScanTo3D.gif (ScanTo3D toolbar) or Tools > ScanTo3D > NextEngine Scan to start NextEngine scanning.


          Overview of the ScanTo3D Process