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    Quad core and Cosmos?

    Bill Van Der Plaats
      I am looking into getting a new computer

      right now we have a

      p4 3.2 gh
      2 gig of ram
      nvidia quadro 500\600

      which to me seams very slow.

      What is everyone else using and are you happy with the performance?

      Is anyone gone to a highend computer from a low end and not see a jump in performance?
        • Quad core and Cosmos?
          Peter Gillespie
          We went from a 2.8 GHz P4 (with hyperthreading) to a 2.4 Core2Duo and noticed a significant performance increase. Both have 2 GB RAM, the C2D has a better video card. I ran a model with contact constraints that took 29 minutes on the P4, and it took 11 minutes on the C2D. Solidworks won't get that kind of boost, and many models that are done well probably won't see that big of an increase (maybe), but in general I can tell a difference.

          BTW, we're running 2004 using Direct Sparse solver.