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STL question

Question asked by Stamp 2 K 1 on Nov 22, 2013
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I've designed a part in solidworks and saved it to an stl file so I can upload it to a 3d printing company and have it printed. My problem is when the company runs my design through a program called netfabb they tell me that certain parts of my design are too thin for their printers. The measurements they give me are about half of what my actual dimensions are. For example one particular part of my design is 1.26mm thick, however when they load my stl file in that program it shows that thickness as only being .60 mm thick. Am I doing something wrong? Why would the stl file show the dimensions much smaller than the actual dimensions? You can see in the images below in my drawing it's

1.26mm and the lower pic only shows as .66mm and .61mm..... Why the difference and is there another way to save this file for 3d printing through Solidworks 2012.