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Multicore and/or multiprocessor for Simulation 2012 64bits

Question asked by John Doe on Nov 22, 2013
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Someone at my company works with Simulation 2012 and we wants a little bit more when, in his words, analizes mecanically finite elements. I have no knowledge or know how Simulation 2012 works exactly so I dont know what he does to be exact. For him it is too slow so he wants it to be faster. He has a great i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a SSD, basically the works. Im not sure any other way to boost performance so I mentioned there are multiprocessor solutions but he asked me if Solidworks Simulation 2012 really took advantage of that.


That is what brings me here. We are looking at a i7 with 6 cores but maybe something else in a dual processor setup with x cores works better.


What is best for Solidworks Simulation 2012 64bits?