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I do not understand why can't solidworks perform a simple command

Question asked by Jesse Feng on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

I was assembling three pieces of parts together, you can imagine them as three rectangular blocks that should go in a triangle formation if you look from the side.


After I assembled the top and the bottom front piece, I realized somehow my assembly is somehow tilting in mid-air. So I highlighted the front plane, and I wish to stick the front of my assembly to the front plane such that when I click view front, I can see the front of my assembly.


However, when I click the front face of the bottom front part and click the front plane, I can't mate them in anyway. The error says it makes the design over defined.


Now here is my first question:


I don't care if it is over defined or not, but I want to rotate the freaking piece and stick it to the front plane, why does it not let me do it?


Second question, when I insert a piece into the assembly, uh-oh it is facing the wrong direction, why is it so hard to rotate it to the correct direction? In my case, rotate it on the top plane by 180 degrees. ie. 6 becomes 9.


Third question, in attempt to solve the second question, I mated the edges of the blocks, and it did work, thank god. However, I realized the entire assembly is not in the right orientation when I click on isometric view, how do I fix that?


If anyone can help me fix these problems that have been troubling me for long time, it would be greatly appreciated. If the software can just add in a little artificial intelligence then these problems wouldn't have existed.


What do I mean by AI:

ex.1: two blocks are lined up in space, the orientation looks like: FBBF, F being front, and B being back. I want to make it become BFBF, I should be able to do so simply by mating the F to the B. The program should know if it doens't rotate the piece, the second block would eat into the first block, which doens't make sense. However as I have tried it so many times, this feature is not available.

ex. 2: I created a complicated part, but then realized my top should be bottom, and my front should be back. I should be able to simply find a button that says: rotate the part, and it would ask me about how to rotate it. And no, this is not rotating the view, this is rotating the part such that when I click front, I would see my front (previously back).


I do not program so I do not know if these things are possible. But from the many other software I have used, they mostly all have features like this. I don't see why can't solidworks also add such a feature.