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How can we link a value from a cell in Excel file to custom property of a part in SolidWorks ?

Question asked by Poorvesh Mistry on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by Deepak Gupta

Hello SolidWorks team & fellow SolidWorks users,


I have come accross a unique requirement, I hope others might have faced it & have solution for it in SolidWorks.


I am currently positioning myself in place of a Project Estimator + SolidWorks designer, which is influinced by Purchase.


Almost every part I will be using in my Assembly will be from a vendor, now the cost of the product would change quarterly ( 4 times in a year ). I should have a bill of material which includes the cost . The Purchase guy updates an Excel sheet with the cost, I would like SolidWorks to apply the cost value in a cell of Excel sheet to a part (or custom property) and fetch it in BOM.


I know how to make custom property for a part & include it in BOM or set equation in BOM, but I need help to link a cell value from Excel to the property in SolidWork & display in BOM.


Another problem is that, for the same part we have different vendors, how could I handle that ?


Thanks in advance



Poorvesh Mistry