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Moving a part in multiple views

Question asked by Aaron Godwin on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by Derek Parks

I've added a new part to a Composer file and I'm trying to move it into place. I did open, merge into current file and all it inserts where it inserts, however that's not where I'd like to part to be. So I move the part into place and all is good, then I change views and it goes back to where it was and I have to start all over. I have four views where this one thing needs to change, so that's four times I'd have to more this part. I could update all view but each view is a different layout and I've already done a lot of work to get those layouts right. So my question is, how can I update one part (actor) position in all views?


Also I've never been to training on Composer, I've just been given the software to figure out on my own.


Thanks in advance for the help.