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Not able to double click to enter values in BOM table

Question asked by Timothy Morrow on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Peter Mojzisik

Please Help.


I was double clicking to enter values in the cells of my BOM table and then by accident i have clicked something that stop me from being able to do this now.
It was somthing to do with linking the values in the cells together.
I can right click on a cell and select "Edit multiple property values" and that allows me to enter about 20 letters in a cell, but that isn't enough for the descriptions i want to enter.


If some one could help me to revert the settings of my BOM tables back to default, that would be grand.


Have tried re-starting Solidworks (2013) and re-starting the computer, but the changes havn't reverted back.
Also tried going into tools>options>document properties>tables>BOM and fiddling with stuff there, but no success.