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Material changes on part when new configuration is added??

Question asked by Joshua Poore on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2014 by Roy Hunter

Hello everyone,


I have a little problem. I have recently set up custom property tabs for parts, assemblies, and drawings, and new document templates and custom drafting standards etc. The company I work for does all their part details on one drawing and wants a note labeling each part on the drawing with a tag no., description, material, quantity, weight etc. So I set up a note template that automates this. Anyway, the problem I have is that I am using the "SW-Material" syntax to pull the material for each part. But when I have a part that needs to be shown in the flat pattern, the part will create a new configuration and then it changes my material to a Solidworks DIN material. So I have to then open the part, and re select my custom material for that flat pattern configuration and save. Then my tag updates...... It's a real pain!