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    "Database not found." ????

    Clark Thompson

      I've gotten a good run out of my model, and I'm setting up the images for my Report.  For some reason I'm getting the error message now "Database not found" as I try to activate my Displacement or Stress plots.  I know the analysis ran, and I had these results available for viewing moments ago.  How can I bring them back up?


      I'm using SW SimPro 2013



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          Jared Conway

          what type of study?


          what happens if you make brand new plots instead of use your existing ones


          if you have an issue, duplicate the study and rerun, may be an issue with the intiial run/results

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            Tony Hepp

            I just experienced the same thing.  After a +4 hour solving time period, the "Database not found" window appeared when I attempted to view any of the three plots in the results section.  VERY disappointing. 

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              Shawn Mahaney

              You will find dozens of support SPRs on this issue, many of them claiming the issue was "Fixed in SW{year} sp{number}".  It still happens all the time, and I've not seen a way to reassociate the data.  The model file and results file will be right where you left them, but it refuses to acknowledge the results file.  You can copy the files to another directory to try again; I think I got that to work once, but it's tricky when working in a PDM like I am.


              I'll add one data point.  We're on SW2013 SP4 Premium 64 bit, with a single Enterprise PDM vault.  At this time all the model and simulation files live in the same large folder.


              Here are screen caps showing my simulation setup with the path to the results file, and the PDM folder showing the result file.  This one only takes about 25 minutes, so I'm going to re-run it now.  The customer was expecting data this morning, but we're just going to have to adjust his expectations.

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                  Jared Conway

                  there is no way to reassociate the data, there are some enhancements for adding this functionality though

                  if copying to another directory fixes the problem sometimes, i have a feeling there might be something up with your vault, generally we recommend to our customers to solve problems outside of the vault and then archive the data when they are done. this has been seen to be successful. this ensures that no workflows..etc have any influence on the results and the connection to the file.

                  generally when i get a "database not found error" it is my fault. i have either changed the name of something or lost the results or i have rerun and the time steps changed such that the time step i am requested is gone and i just need to create anew plot

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                  Chris Pellegrino

                  I am getting a similar issue - I'm getting the "Failed to create temporary file. Please change Simulation work directory" message; here's my situation. We are on 2014, but we use PDM Workgroup at the moment. It is a nonlinear study of an assembly with shrink fit. Originally the study ran, got results, made my report, saved into PDM. I am very diligent in saving in the .CWR file with the same revision as the assembly that it is associated with so I have no issues pulling it out later if I need to. Point is, I know with absolute certainty that I am pulling out the correct revision of .CWR file to use with the assembly file because the revisions during a Save to vault operation match. I also pull out the assembly with "As built" selected.


                  Anyway, sometimes I can go back and pull a file and .CWR file out and rerun, usually because I want to run with updated material information or something, and it works fine. In fact that was the case with this particular file on a different revision, with a different study and .CWR file - successfully reran it. Now I'm doing the same thing on a different revision / study / .CWR file and it says it can't create a temporary file. It's also not consistent with the way it handles the Simulation tree. Sometimes it will gray out the components even though it's in the correct configuration and the components are not suppressed in the model tree. If I change configurations, then right click on the top of the study and select Load SW Configuration, then the parts will come back in the Simulation tree, or so it seems. When I click ReRun, it meshes, (didn't think it would need, especially since the tree doesn't say it needs to), but it meshes, then when done with meshing it gives me the Temporary file message, then starts solving. It won't solve though; at some point it will stop and give another temporary file message, and then a few more.



                  EDIT - it also crashes SolidWorks after actually attempting to solve the analysis anyway.



                  I have had this issue trying to Duplicate studies before as well - that isn't a foolproof process, although convenient when it works. Don't know if there is something relevant there.


                  This has got to be a more common problem; there is nothing special with our setup or how we are using the software.


                  Another slightly off topic question: Some people here are not saving the .CWR files into PDM thinking they are just results files and if someone wants to go back and look at results they can just rerun the simulation. Will they be able to rerun the simulation without the .CWR file, or will they have to recreate the study from scratch and then rerun?

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                      Jared Conway

                      Failed to create temp file? Move the file to a different location, same problem? Different computer?


                      For you last q, the setup is in the file, cwr is just mesh and results. So if it is lost, you can always rerun. Interface should never be greyed out unless you are in the wrong config.

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                          Mark Biasotti

                          This issue "Database not found" happened to me the other day and I've wondering if anyone has found a cause or solution for it. My study was a simple static with contacts and seem to be fine the day that I created it. I even opened the assemby the same day and review the results etc. But a week later (this last Wednesday) I opened the assembly and went to view the results in the study and I get "Database not found."

                          Has anyone file an SR on it?





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                              Jared Conway

                              lots of potential causes

                              using ePDM?

                              any file name changes?

                              any file location changes?

                              can you find the CWR?

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                                  Marcantoine Legault

                                  Hi, any news with this problem of "Database not found"?


                                  I've just experience it few times and it is frustrating. My workflow was to do a simple static analysis with 2 shell element bonded together with a spot weld junction. I use this simple assembly in order to prepare myself and my workflow for a much larger analysis which may requires few days to solve (contact set seems to take so much time to solve!). I cannot afford loose days of computing. I use SW Simulation Pro 2013 x64 with Service Pack 3.0 We do not have access to further Service Pack downloads, but I feel it is unacceptable that because we are limited to SP 3.0 such basic functionnality as reloading results is not reliable or half the time functionnal.


                                  Solidworks Simulation is installed on a fresh new workstation. We do not use any PDM or Vault system. The results files were saved directly on the same directory of the assembly on the hard drive of the computer, so no network or vault related issues involved... 


                                  I would greatly appreciate have a follow up with your experiences (and hopefully solutions) on this,


                                  Great forum and people here, thank you,


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                                      Jared Conway

                                      whats the workflow

                                      you ran an analysis

                                      and you got database not found?

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                                          Marcantoine Legault

                                          Hi, thank you for your reply.


                                          I created a part with two distinc shells. One surface of each shell overlap. Junction between the two shells is a spot weld junction, with mesh refinement in the weld region. (see attachement). I re-ran the solver this morning with a less refinement over the weld region, and the results where loaded. I close Solidworks, an reopen the model, work again. I redo the simulation with an increase mesh refinement... it loaded the results again...


                                          But when I open the model this morning before I redo the calculation, I had the same message "Database not found"


                                          So I don't know what to think about this, I just don't want to run a large model and have again this loading problem.


                                          Mi first intent when writing in this thread was to have the most recent update on whatever or not the problem have been solved...



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                                              Jared Conway


                                              I redo the simulation with an increase mesh refinement... it loaded the results again... 


                                              But when I open the model this morning before I redo the calculation, I had the same message "Database not found""


                                              between these steps did you reboot the computer?


                                              where are you storing the files?


                                              does it happen with an analysis on a block?

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                                                  Marcantoine Legault



                                                  to anwser your questions:


                                                  - I did not reboot the computer

                                                  - the storing file are on my local drive "c:\my_fea\"

                                                  - no PDM server involve, everything is local

                                                  - the same problem did happen on a simple block...


                                                  I encountered again the same problem today.. "Database not found" after few hours of computing. I did not stop Solidworks, I simply open another part to work on it while simulation was running in background. Came back after calculation was over, then could not load the results while I did had a message saying the calculation worked and was done...



                                                  Any clue???



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                                    Chris Clouser

                                    Add me to the list.  I've had this happen often.  I think it's only been in assemblies.  2014 and now 2015, yea!


                                    Linear Static.


                                    SolidWorks should ensure that error messages are adequately descriptive.  "Database not found", OK, what database!!??

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                                      Bjorn Sorenson

                                      I got this message this morning.  Loaded an old assembly model with two configs, each w/ one study.  Config 2/Study 2 loads just fine, I can see the results, etc.  I go to Config 1/Study 1 - loads just fine, I can see the results.  I go back to Config 2/Study 2, everything from Results down is greyed out, try to click on Stress Plot, "Database not found."  Close model, reopen, Config 1/Study 1 loads just fine, Config 2/Study 2 still no luck.  .CWR file is in the same place, and I'm sure I haven't changed anything.  Seems like Sim should have a "Load Results" option the way Flow does so you can just point to the results file to re associate it.  That would solve all the problems on this thread, right?

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                                          Jared Conway

                                          Seems like Sim should have a "Load Results" option the way Flow does so you can just point to the results file to re associate it.  That would solve all the problems on this thread, right? >> in the end, i think this is the enhancement everyone wants


                                          but long term, everyone wants the bug to be fixed. the issue is that the workflows aren't reproducible.


                                          in your case, that is a strange workflow to cause an issue. after opening it and having it work, did you save it? seems like if you didn't save it the behavior the second time opening should be the same. if you saved it, maybe you locked it in the bad state. do you have a copy you can resurrect and look at?


                                          when you can't load results, did you try creating a new plot? in nonlinear for example, i've gotten database not found and then made a new plot and it worked mainly because i was trying to plot a time step that no longer exists.

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                                          Thomas Murray

                                          You must change your part file location to a locale without permission issues. Somehow solidworks can not see the results files it creates because of folder permissions.

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                                            Chris Clouser

                                            Another twist on this file management and access problem is that some of my parts are not loading their studies after I installed SP2 (2015).  Some parts and assemblies do load studies and some don't.  All the CWR files and other files are on a local drive and easy to access.


                                            So basically, when I load a part that had a study or multiple studies, nothing shows up at the bottom (yes, the add-in is turned on).


                                            This is a problem because I have days and days of analysis that I can no longer access.


                                            Additionally, one can't re-point the parts to their studies.  It's start-over time.


                                            you should be able to manually attach (reattach) a CWR to a part or assembly.


                                            In the past, I've never had a problem like this, this is the first time.


                                            Hawkridge has verified my problem and is working on it, but as it looks like now, I'm screwed.

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                                              Shawn Mahaney

                                              This is still a problem, 2015 sp 2.1.

                                              I "ran all" last thing Friday, can't open any results this morning.  Some IT function caused Solidworks to be closed and me logged out over the weekend (long after the runs were done). There is no good reason for the connection between my model and its coherent results to be lost.

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                                                Michael Hop

                                                I also got the same problem that my results gave the error "Database not found." while trying to show the results. The problem was that the file was saved in a shared google drive folder, saving it on my local disk and all the problems were gone.

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                                                  Blake Mullins

                                                  I ran into this problem, and it looks like the source of my issue was that the results files that were created exceeded the 218 character limit for file names. My CAD files were BURIED on a network, and then to compound the issue I was putting the results files in a sub folder. Don't fully understand how the simulation was even allowed to create the files in the first place (and I KNOW it created them - saw them in Windows Explorer, viewed the fringe plots, but couldn't view them again after closing the file and re-opening), but when I directed the results to be saved to a location higher up (but still on the network), I was able to view after closing and re-opening.


                                                  It would be good if the functionality existed to allow results to be read onto a model. I'm 100% positive other FEA software is able to do this, because I've had to do it before. If I remember right, there was some warning about the user needing to be sure the meshes matched, but other than that it worked like a charm.


                                                  I know, old thread. Get over it.

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                                                    Tyson Hare

                                                    Drive syncing or backup software, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, seem to corrupt the meshing and solving functionality.  Try pausing any of this type of activity while using simulation features.  Alternatively, set your simulation working folder to a local drive or your desktop.

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                                                      Ken Lux

                                                      Still a problem with 2017 SP5.0.


                                                      I also found that if I tried to check results files into PDM, PDM wouldn't let me check in the part file because of a cyclic reference to the CWR file - even when it is checked out. When I tried to save the part file, the simulation said that it couldn't create a temporary file in the default results folder due to permissions even though I told it to use the same folder as the part and I have full read/write/create/delete access to the that folder.


                                                      IMHO - Solidworks simulation is too unstable to have any reasonable expectation of being able to view simulation results after closing the file. My recommendation is to create all of the results plots you want, grab screen caps of the plots (since the reports usually don't get the views the way you want them), and then generate a report. then close the part file and cross your fingers and hope that the link between the part and the file won't get lost as you can never recover from that if selecting the right results folder doesn't work.


                                                      And don't even think of trying to keep simulations that are related to PDM-managed files. Simulation and PDM do not work together.