Max Crittenden

Deleting (removing) keyboard shortcuts

Discussion created by Max Crittenden on Dec 18, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2006 by Peter Gillespie
Some time ago I set up the keyboard shortcut alt-L for "insertmate".  Some time later, I realized that, insketches, I can't use the standard shortcut alt-L to make two linescollinear, because I've reassigned that shortcut.  So I wrotea new shortcut, shift-L, for "insert mate", and deleted(or removed) the alt-L shortcut.  But in every new session ofSolidworks, both shortcuts for "insert mate" show up, andalt-L doesn't work for collinear relations ... unless I re-removethe custom shortcut, and then only for the remainder of thatsession.

How do I remove a custom keyboard shortcut and KEEP it removed? TIA ...