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    Non linear analysis

    Sumesh Chettiar

      Hi ,


      I am new to this nonlinear simulation .


      Tring to simulate a non linear seal to seal connection by using two flange flanges. But seems it keep showing this message.


      Any help / advice.






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          Jared Conway

          have you tried the suggestions in the solver?


          thats the first thing to do


          next i'd go back and see if the problem solves with linear material.


          still no > try solving with linear static.


          still no > reduce the load to something smaller, see if it still solves


          still no > check your setup and then reverse

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            Bill McEachern

            Hard to know what's going on with the limited info provided but having a very fine mesh on the seal bit (assuming it is undergoing large defoemations) might be helpful if elements are getting very distrored. An initial mesh with aspect ratios near 1 is also a good move for this (this is good everywhere as well). Hyper elastic material models can help here if that is realistic. Non-realistic material properties can cause solutions to fail. Adding friction can sometimes be very helpful as can removing friction if it is applied - depends on whether the problem can solve without it (keeps things from moving) or if it is well contained removing friction can simplfy the problem.