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    Leap Motion C# add-in/stand-alone

    Connor Redacted

      Hello all,


           I've spent a lot of time writing programs for the Leap Motion Controller in various languages since its release, and I would now like to create a Leap add-in (in C#) for Solidworks to make some ME's lives easier. That being said, I am unfamiliar with SW's api and I thought consulting the forums would help speed up my developement time. Since I started recently, I have managed to create an add-in that Solidworks recognizes at start, and not much else. My next goal is to create a "macro" that changes the view to "Left" when I press a key such as "l"; after that, I can easily replace the keystroke trigger with a "Swipe Left" return from the Leap. By completing these two steps, I will then be able to rapidly improve the plugin with more features.


      So my question is:


      What is the command to change the camera view to the "Left" side? How would I setup a listener to listen for the keystroke "l" in Solidworks? Would a stand-alone version (in-general) be too laggy for good camera control using the Leap?


      Any advice is also appreciated .