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    Problems with installation htmlDialog.html?!

    Shhydh Ydhh

      Hello everybody,

      for my studies I urgently need a working Solidworks. I bought a student licence in my highschool.

      For a while I have the following problem:

      Some parts of the user interface appear in my (web)browser. Windows 7 asks, if I want to save or open the data.


      Since I wasn't able to find a solution I formated my hard-disk and reinstalled my operation system. After that I tried to reinstall SW 2013. The installation manager opened as usual, but the whole procedure ended in a mistake concerning "Microsoft c++ restributable 2008". So I installed it, because it seemed to be missed.


      If I try now to enter the SW setup three popups appear, which ask me, how to care about the data xxxx.... If click on "open", the data is opened in google chrome and shows parts of the installation menu.

      Also there's a error message which says, that there's a "problem with the Microsoft Web Browser and has to be finished".

      The three datas are somewhere to find in C:/user/NAME/appdata/roaming/SolidWorks/....


      Now I'm asking, why there are html-datas during the installation and what for my web browser is needed.

      Can anyone please help me?


      Thanks and kind regards from Germany!