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Fatigue analysis on a shaft

Question asked by Andres Gomez on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Andres Gomez

Hi guys. I´m trying to simulate a fatigue analysis on a shaft. I got one example from shigley´s book.
I made a drawing of the shaft and I defined some restrictions and loads, which I don´t know if they are correct.
So, I have some doubts I would like you to help me with.


-I made an analysis defining the fixtures with the bearing fixture option, and made another with the cylindrical surface fixture option restraining the radial movement on one and the radial an axial movement on the other letting the rotation free(I guees). The results were diferent, and neither of them matched with the results of the book. With results, I mean the reactions...So, which is the difference between defining the bearing fixture option and the cylindrical surface fixture? Besides, in the bearing fixture there is a Stabilize shaft rotation option whitch also changes the results if is activated. What is this option for? When this options wasn´t activated the program couldn´t make the analysis because of the big displacements.


For the fatigue analysis: Should I make 4 diferent simulations(2radial forces and 2 tangencial forces? o just 1 with all of them since they are all alternating?


Thank you very much. I leave you the files if you want to see them.