Andrew Terry

SW2006 to AutoCAD

Discussion created by Andrew Terry on Dec 18, 2006
I posted this in drawings, but I really wanted to post this here.

I see a lot of people are having issues with dxf/dwg imports. I will just add another one to the fire. When exporting from SolidWorks it creates a different dimension style for each dimension that differs in either decimal place, trailing zeros or style (ordinate and linear). Is their a way to export the file with only one dimension style? Or, is their any third party software out there that allows me to use more options on mapping the SolidWorks entities?

I am also having a problem with blocks exporting to AutoCAD. I imported blocks from AutoCAD into SolidWorks. When I use them in a drawing where the sheet scale is different then 1:1 I export them to AutoCAD. Then I use the original AutoCAD file to redefine the block to insure my attribute prompts are in place. But the scale is all wrong because the block that exports from SolidWorks has a scale factor of 1:1 while the AutoCAD block has a scale factor of 1:1 also. But the SolidWorks sheet scale has changed the block geometry scale. So even thought the block is 1:1 the geometry is scaled differently.