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Create a LOG or Output file for ECO list and descriptions.

Question asked by Jason Owens on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by Tim Webb

I'm baaaaaccck. Ok this seems like it would be a simple thing, but I have not been able to find anyting on this idea.

I have several areas where I would like to have a log file that is constantly updated.

For example, on my ECO's. I would like to have a excel document that possibly updates itself everytime a new ECO is created. In this process, the ECO#, Description, Initiator, Initiate Date, and Close Date would be recorded.


Does anyone know how to do this? Or maybe you can point me in the right direction. I am was not sure if using Export/Import Rules or something like that would work. My thoughts were that the document would act much like a regular document that gets its custom properties assigned, except this would more or less be a log file of all the ECO's.


Let me know if more information is needed.