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    PDM Button configaration

    Kumara Sagara

      hi ,


      i need to add button to my data card and it need to have option to user to select the file in the vault and ones the users click the button  the file need to be open in explorer

      can any one help me on this


      i have 2011 version





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          Jason Capriotti

          You can but you have to know the ID of the file in the database which will take some database querying.


          Example format:



          Vault: Product Data

          Projectid: FolderID number

          Documentid: File ID number

          I think objecttype of 1 is a file.

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              Kumara Sagara

              hi jason,


              thanks for the feedback


              i  need to more information for your propouse way

              like a example there is an butten in the data card and when the originator call the template in vault he have the facility to connect the file in the vault  and after check inthe file he can open the file by clicking the button


              this is for users to find the correct file without browsing or searching



              looking for support




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                  Jason Capriotti

                  I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to do.


                  The method I gave only works well for linking to one specific file. In our case its a button on an ECO form that always opens the same document...in this case a contact list of phone numbers so the eningeer can call the responsible people for different sections of our product.


                  What you're after sound like it would a different file everytime. You ma need to program an add-in if that'a the case.

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                  Kevin Bruce



                  I hate to but in to this thread but since it's 8 months old I guess it's okay.  I'm looking up ways to add help files on cards to guide users in standard operating procedures for vault use.  I thought there might be some built in functionality but do not see anything.  You button idea could be the ticket but I need more info.  You say I need an internal ID to open a file?  Can you explain how to get this information?




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                      Tim Webb

                      Hi Kevin,


                      Let me explain a way I've done this:


                      1. Convert <your operating procedure> document to an mhtml file using Microsoft Word save as
                      2. In the save as dialog box, change the "Save as type:" to "Single file web page (*.mht; *.mhtml)"
                      3. Copy the saved mhtml file to a folder in <your vault>
                      4. In the card editor, add the button to the card
                      5. Set the button "Command type:" pull down to "Web page"
                      6. In the "WWW-address:" box enter "file:\\C:\<your vault>\<procedures subfolder>\<your operating procedure.mht>"


                      Hope this does the trick for you.


                      Tim Webb CEPA