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Gaskets issue

Question asked by Mladen Pavlovic on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by Mladen Pavlovic

I know that a lot of people avoid using gasket in their routing because of the possible issues. Unfortunately, i work in such environment that i need to use gaskets on a regular basis (we work on a lot of complex piping system which will require me to use gasket for proper spacing, fabrication details as well just counting them).


My problem is simple in nature. Let's say i have a flange and i take gasket from my library to drag and drop it onto the flange, matting reference is working properly. Now when i want to insert mating flange to the other side of the gasket 2 things happen:

1) mating reference picks up the same side of the gasket, which was used to mate to first flange, or

2) flange picks up the mating reference from the first flange.


I was careful when i was developing mating reference in gaskets and flanges and have no idea how to bypass this.


Now i know that some will think of inserting the whole assembly to the route (flange+gasket+flange), but in some cases i cannot do that (start of the route fr example).



I have attached model of the gasket and one of the flanges.





Any help is appreciated