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Variables for XML Change Orders

Question asked by Andrew Dvorak on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Andrew Dvorak

Hi everyone,


I'm currently using a Word document to create my ECOs. It is a macro driven form  where the user, in addition to having specific locations for entering data, has pulldown lists to aid filling out the form. There is also a macro that repeats a table in the document, one for each part added to the ECO.


There are several problems with this Word document. For one, if there are a lot of items it can take a long time for the document to open in an editable or readable form. Just 4 items on the document takes 20 seconds. One dcument with 35 items on it took almost 5 minutes. Another issue is that not all people have either the correct version of Word, or even have Word, so I have to generate a duplicate PDF version for them, and then I put both documents through the same approval process.


I have been looking at XML to achieve a better method as everyone has a browser and I've checked that a sample stylesheet will present the document to them the way I want. I am using a datacard to fill out the xml file, the number of items will be limited by the tabs that I have. I have a test datacard of 10 items.



My question has to do with the variables necessary to keep item information separate. Typically, repeated groups of data would be in the XML file like this:













On the datacard, though, I could only figure out to do this:











There are 12 variables per tab for each item. For 10 items (tabs) that means 120 variables.


Does anybody know a way I can reuse the same variables Number, Description etc, for each tab and have each tab maintain its unique values?