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    EPDM Relplicated Site

    Lindsay Early

      I have a less than idea setup. There is a remote archive server that is connected through VPN. It is all on the same domain. If the client at that remote site gets on the VPN it will start accessing the archive server through the VPN instead of the LAN. Is there any way to stop this apart from making another domain in the remote site and adding it as a trusted domain to the original one?

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          Charles Espinola



          It sounds like you setup the local view and directed it to the main archive. Try redirecting your local view to the replicated archive.


          You will be best served to check in all files on the machine and remove the local view. Also remove the vault folder. Then go to the admin tool and add the replicated server as an additional server. From admin tool log into the local replicated archive, right click local replicated archive"Create local view". This should update all registries and point your user to the local replicated archive server.