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Convert Entities in an Assembly

Question asked by John Wright on Nov 19, 2013
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This is my first post - I have simplified things slightly to make it easier to understand;


I would be grateful for some help with the convert entities command.

I have a model containing 2 parts;


1) A PCB with RJ45 & USB connectors on it.

2) A housing containing the PCB.


I would like to cut-out a series of squares in the housing so that the connectors protrude from it slightly.


I have drawn a new sketch in the assembly and projected the geometry using 'Convert Entities', I then allowed a small offset for clearance purposes and used the Cut-Extrude command to cut out a rectangle from the housing.  This is great, but the change has obviously been done to the assembly and not the housing, can anyone help me to do the same, but in the housing part drawing.


Many Thanks