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Linking source files in the Workgroup PDM vault to released PDF files in a public Windows folder

Question asked by Neil Fergusson on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Alex Holt

We have been using Workgroup PDM (WgP) for controlling our solid models. I have been reading the help files and notice that there is a way to reference other documents (e.g. 2D drawings, Word docs, Excel files, etc.) to a solid model. I have been asked to solve the following problem and am trying to use WgP. Is this possible?


The problem: Our "released" drawings (e.g. assy1.pdf) and documents (e.g. pn123_ATP.pdf) are currently in PDF format and stored in a Windows folder on our network that most employees can read. If an inspector needs a copy of a drawing or procedure, he/she can simply retrieve it from this folder without having WgP installed on his/her computer. The source file for a document, typically a Microsoft Word file, is stored in VSS; and for a CAD drawing, typically a file stored in the WgP vault. When asked to update the source for one of the released files in the public Windows PDF folder, one can never be sure, in the absence of some sort of policy to enforce path names on the PDF for example, that such and such a file in VSS is the one that produced the PDF in the public folder. There is no direct reference between the PDF in the public folder and its source in the CM tool (VSS or WgP). Fix this!


Preferred Solution: I would like to use WgP to store all the source files, with procedures and other docs (Autocad, Word, Excel, etc.) referenced directly to the solid model of the associated part, and get away from VSS. I would like to retain the public PDF folder of released PDF files available and accessible to those without WgP installed and are only Windows-literate. Is there a way to link the source files in WgP to the public PDFs in order to solve the above problem?


Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.