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    How to constrain two sketch circles

    Pushpak Phule

      I am trying to fully constrain to circles. I used following constraints


      cir and cir1 are two circle objects.

      1)          Dim selCenter(1) As Object
                    Set selCenter(0) = cir.GetCenterPoint2
                    Set selCenter(1) = cir1.GetCenterPoint2
                    mySketch.RelationManager.AddRelation selCenter, swConstraintType_HORIZPOINTS
      2)        Dim selCenter1(1) As Object
                  Set selCenter1(0) = cir1
                  Set selCenter1(1) = cir
                  mySketch.RelationManager.AddRelation selCenter1, swConstraintType_SAMELENGTH


      Now I need to define 'distance between two circle's center points' to make them fully constraint. Please tell me how to do it.


      I tried swConstraintType_DISTANCE 1
      swConstraintType_DOUBLEDISTANCE 41


      but it doesn't define distance constraint. Can you please guide how to do the same.


      Thanks in advance,