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    2014 SolidWorks

    Zach Zimmerman

      Just some general questions about the 2014 release of SolidWorks:


      • Have there been any notable problems with the software that would deter one from using it at this time?
      • Is there a good way to determine when one should upgrade and start implementing the new software into their day to day work?
      • How can you be sure that you're not too paranoid or cautious about switching to the new update?


      There are a lot of new features that I am anxious to use and I would just like some input from other users on their experience thus far.



      Thanks ZZ

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          Richard Wagenaar

          When using a high resolution monitor you could have many have problems

          if you need Window scaling 150%.  Menus can get corrupt like the

          most used one modify dimension in parts and assemblies.

          Another user has found problems even with 125% scaling since SW2014.


          Some menu fonts are far too big and some far too small, also the vertical distance

          between text in menus, trees and RMB can be far too big causing unnecessary

          scrolling and mousemovements.


          I posted several pictures of these problems


          Selecting dimensions to edit in parts and assemblies doesn't work properly since

          SW2014 when showing dimension flat to screen, it will cause many missclicks.


          Performance is a bit better than SW2013 but worse than SW2012

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            Kevin Quigley

            Working very well here. The new Style spline and fillets make it an essential upgrade here. All our add ons are now 2014 ready ( Keyshot, Power Surfacing, T Splines, Maxwell) and Zygote works fine.


            Some very useful changes to drawings and general interface. Speed is much the same as before 2012 and 2013. Stability as good as earlier versions. I have noticed that in some circumstances SolidWorks is flagging up out of resources errors even when there is plenty of RAM available. Apart from that, recommended.