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Adding PropertyManger to already inserted parts

Question asked by Wendy Mark on Nov 18, 2013

Hi all,


We have several parts which have a "custom PropertyManager" to allow configuration selection.  The issue we are having, is that it works just fine when you insert a part from scratch.  However, we frequently need more than one copy of the part.  It is much faster and easier to bring in the 1st item, place it, then use "copy with mates" to place the other items, than it is to independently bring in each item and then place it independently.  The 'copy with mates" method works great, until my Engineer comes back and changes the size.  I can right-click on the 1st item to access the property manager again, but there is no property manager option for the other instances.


I can still get to the configuration I need by selecting "configure component" from the right-click menu, but then I don't have the ease-of-selelction information from the PropertyManager user interface.  I have occasionally chosen the wrong configuration, which I didn't discover until the drawing was made, and I found incorrect information in my drawing BOM.  Does anybody know of a way to "activate" the PropertyManager for the additional items?