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Solidworks UI fonts problems on modern high resolution monitors

Question asked by Richard Wagenaar on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2014 by Jim Wilkinson

I have been writing about these problems since SW2013 in the past but

since SW2014 these problems have increased a lot and none of the known

problems were  fixed. My VAR doesn't take these problem serious,

problably because  they don't use high resolution monitors.

But if you want to use a high resolution monitor in the future

then it is good to know about these problems in Solidworks.


Find the pictures of all the different fonts heights in the Solidworks

user interface. These pictures are all in SW2014, in one picture you

can see the new font and button size setting.


How many different fonts heights do you see?

I think at least 4 and maybe even more sizes in the user

interface and I can't find a way to set them all to the same size.


The biggest font size is almost 3 times bigger than the smallest size

all in the same UI. I have never seen any UI having so many different

fonts and fontsizes anywhere.


I use a 27" 2560x1440 monitor and I even would like to have a tablet

on this resolution. I use Windows 8 and have to use at 150% scaling

to be able to see the prop. managers options and the text while editing

dimensions (modify menu).

I have all my Windows fonts at size 12. I have no problems in other

(CAD) programs on high resolution monitors, only in Solidwork 2013

and much more in 2014.


The problem is that the most used fonts are far too small and it gets

worse every release. In 2014 the most used smallest font (property manager)

is again at least 35% smaller than in 2013 causing even more problems.


Of course you can use old low resolution hardware for better visability.

Some fonts in the UI are far too big but unfortunately the most used fonts

are far too small on high resolution monitors.


Why isn't there just one setting for font size that cause all the fonts

to be exactly the same everywhere?


Solid Edge uses 2 settings for fonts, small and large (for high resolution monitors)

and this works perfect in every part of the UI unlike Solidworks.

They just have one fontsize everywhere and the user interface is clean and consistent.


Since SW2014 even scaling to more than 125% already causes corrupt menus so that

is not an option either. Solidworks is not compatible with the Microsoft scaling definition.

Older versions like SW2005 and SW2010 didn't have these problems  as scaling

didn't cause corrupt menus.


How many years does it need for a company like Solidworks to fix these basic

problems and being able to work on a modern tablet like this:

Other Cad programs don't have problems with Windows scaling and in general

just use one font in the UI.