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Sketches that adjust themselves with changing configurations of the part

Question asked by Tarakan Tarakanich on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by J. Mather

I have designed a rather complex part that has many configurations.

I have a problem because sketches refuse to update when I want them to and update when I don't.


There is no fancy way to configure sketches, especially sketches that "involve intersection" curves and geometry, obtained throug "convert entities".


My part has a set of features that change their angle as the plane they are attached to has different angles under different configurations.


So that centerline for two circles moves around as I change configuration, causing two lock pin extrousions to move off the axis that this center line was anchored to.

I configured this sketch to appear the same way in all configurations but it doesn't liste.


Is there any good video lesson of how to deal with sketches that change under different configurations because they are tied to the other geometry of the part?


Why wouldn't Solidworks allow sketches to be configured the same way 3D features can be?

If it does, than how?


Look at the illustrations to the problem.


Thank you.