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How to define tubing material

Question asked by Ken Lux on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2013 by Ken Lux

When creating a tubing route, I have 2 issues:


1. All tubes are pink and material is not specified

2. The BOM in the tube drawings has most fields empty - including material


I can't find any information on how to have the material show up in the BOM in the tube drawing. Even after going to every route part and specifying the material and updating the routing database to list a material in the routing database table for the tubing used.


This seems related to the annoying way that you have to add a custom property called material to every single file in order to have the material show up in a drawing. That is to say, there must be multiple variables named material. Too bad I can't find any documentation on what these "material" variables are, where I can access them, and how to change the,


Can anyone help?