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    VBA code for "Find References"

    Charles Lee

      I'm looking to run a macro on a folder of files.  These files are copied from their original directory so I don't lose the original data.  The problem that I'm running into is that occasionally 1 or 2 of the dwg/assembly files will refer back to the original directory for the part/assembly doc.... even though that file is in the same folder as the dwg/assy.  Anyway, I'm looking for a way to code into the macro to notify the user if the file is referencing a different document than the one in the folder.  I'm looking for something similar to the "Find References" under the File Toolbar.  Another possible way is through EPDM.....the folder view shows a "Contains" tab that shows the folder where any referenced docs are found (under column "Found In")  I'm not looking to go any deeper than that.... One of the api calls I've found ask you to select a feature or sketch, which is way too deep.  just looking to run a quick check to see if something smells wrong.

      VBA would be nice also.... thanks!

      (here's the one example I found... http://help.solidworks.com/2012/English/api/sldworksapi/Get_External_References_Example_vb.htm)


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