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    Ejector Pin Library issue

    Alex Steinberg

      I've gone through the pain of creating an ejector pin model that has configurations for each and every pin by 3 of the main companies. I've then gone in and added smart component features to add cuts and clearances, and I've made a configuration publisher so that I can select the pins by diameter and length when I pull it in to my assembly. This all works and is nifty. The next step in this though would be to have a way where I can bring all the pins in like I do now, then cut the pins down to the right length and profile. I would then like to be able to create a drawing that has each of the pin sizes in the model dimensioned about it's diameter and length.


      The only way that I've come up with to do this is to have a macro that actually imports the pin into the assembly, at which point it creates a new part file of the pin in the assembly directory. I could then go in and modify the individual parts. Then just create the drawing from the separate part documents. My question is has any body done something like this? Can anyone think of a better approach?

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          Mel Kolodechik



          I've been trying to do what you have done by creating a smart component with a ejector pin configuration file. I'm having trouble when I change the ejector pin dia the c'bore doesn't update...(only at the c'bore level now)....Can you share a small example or describe how you accomblished the clearance cuts to update when you change to a different pin dia....any help will be appreciated. ...



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              Alex Steinberg



              Wow do I not log in to this enough.


              I assume you got this sorted, but if you didn't or there's someone else looking for this. The way to do it was to just build an assembly around the pin model. Then just add the cuts to the parts in the dummy assembly with a set clearance from using in context design. Make sure the cuts are either through all or offset from surface.


              The longterm solution for us though was to use a custom hole wizard set that uses our off the shelf counterbores then just put the pins in afterwards.

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              Jarrod Aydelott



              When I created the ejector pin for my company, I created an assembly that had the ejector pin that was configured just like you described as well as an additional model that was the geometry of the counter bore, fit diameter, and clearances. This model was also configured based on our predefined sizes our shop uses. Now I created configurations in the assembly to control both the pin and the model representing the bore.


              Once I place the ejector pin model into assembly, I then select the model that represents the bore and do a cavity command. You can then go back to your ejector pin assembly and modify the lengths of your clearances and fits to suit your plate assembly. Maybe this approach could help you.