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    Solidworks Simulation of Assembly Error

    Jacob Hopkins

      I'm trying to conduct a static simulation of a frame for an adaptive ski project I'm designing for school, and I cannot get simulation to work on the assembly. I have a frame that I made with weldments, and two "gussets" that also serve as attachment points for more of the assembly. When I try to run the analysis, I get an error to "Please define contact sets between beam and solid/shell" and it highlights the two gussets.


      Initially these pieces were mated tangent to the bars, but I found that in order to define contact sets, you need concentric faces. I then changed the parts so that they are concentric, and still get an error "Invalid Entity on Beam Body Detected" when I try to define the contact sets as bonded.


      There are no interferences in the assembly, and everything is fully defined. I can't figure out what could be happening at all.


      Eventually we would like to be able to do more complex static simulations of our assembly to evaluate other aspects, but that won't be possible until we can get this to work.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Jared Conway

          are the gussets solid or shells?


          note when bonding to beams you have to choose the beam option in the contact defintition


          if you're new to mixed meshing, i'd definitely check out the tutorials and start with some simpler models to get a hang of how things work and also to test how the contacts work. setup a beam and gusset, start with both solid. look at the results. then change one to beam. setup contact. look at results. then go apply to your structure.