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    Advantages of SWx over Creo

    Thameem Ansari


      Can anyone tell me, how SolidWorks is advanced over Creo in importing and exporting files and also other important advantages of SolidWorks.


      Will be nice to hear the actual advantages clearly.


      Thameem Ansari

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          Jerry Steiger



          I would be interested in hearing about the advantages of Creo as well, since we are going to be switching to Creo in the next couple of months.


          You might want to ask this question in the General forum as well.


          Jerry S.

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              Thameem Ansari



              Why you want to change to creo? What are the problems you facing in SolidWorks?


              See the creo forums to see about the features in it.

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                  Jerry Steiger



                  I don't particularly want to change to Creo, but my boss has decided that it is the right thing to do and I don't have any really good arguments to dissuade him. We have recently merged with another division in New Zealand and they run Creo Parametric, as do most of the other divisions. Our ODM partners also run Pro/E, so it seems like a good idea for us to make the switch.


                  Jerry S.

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                  Richard Wagenaar

                  We are also evaluating different options.


                  Concerning Creo (direct) vs Solidworks here are some links







                  I tested Creo, Ironcad, Kubotek, Spaceclaim, Solidedge and Autodesk Fusion.

                  In my opinion Solid Edge is the best as you can import any geometry

                  and add constraints and dimensions afterwards if needed.

                  Only Kubotek could also do this but their user interface

                  feels like end 80' and there is not as much intelligence

                  in the program when editing non history parts.

                  You can also stretch in a usefull way directly on 3D geometry

                  in Solid Edge.

                  When you edit a hole pattern it automatically finds the pitch

                  and allows you to change the non history geometry, both pitch

                  and diameter.

                  The intelligence is in the software instead of the geometry.

                  The non history approach would work for machinedesign and former

                  Autocad users but I think it would not work as good for molds and plastics.

                  SolidEdge also has history based modelling so you could do

                  plastics and molds there.

                  Spaceclaim has a good editor but just like Creo and Fusion it does not

                  allow you to add constraints and driving dimensions in non history parts

                  and this is an important disadvantage in non history modellers.

                  But even without being able to make dead geometry parametric users

                  are still making performance improvement when compared to history

                  feature based, it depends on the type of work. Development and doing

                  many different designs with few time to lose would be better without




                  Jerry,  Please let us know what you think of Creo, I guess you will

                  first hate it before you like it. Are you switching to Creo direct? 


                  I think it is better to wait what Solidworks direct modelling will bring before

                  switching to another direct modeler at this moment, but what I heard is that it

                  did have some delay again. It would suprise me if Solidworks would ever

                  catch up with SolidEdge in direct modeling

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                  Kelvin Lamport

                  Check out some of the Creo forums to see what users are complaining about.

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                    J. Mather

                    Are you going to be using Creo Direct for the importing or are you using Creo Parametric?

                    I don't know why one would be any different than the other for exporting.