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Questions Related to SW '12 and EPDM '12

Question asked by Alexandra P. Spaulding on Nov 14, 2013
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I am having a few different issues related to Solidworks and PDM, and would appreciate any suggestions or feedback.



1. File Type Error Messages.


Today was the first time I had personally come across this message, but apparently my engineers see it frequently.  In this case the file type is .sldprt, which I'm a bit flummoxed about as it's a SW file, and the extension has not been delated out via the Admin Tools. (See below)




2. Items/Dimensions Vanishing


This problem seems to occur more frequently than I was orginally aware off, but I have engineers complaining about dimensions and items suddenly vanishing out of models, this issue does not only occur in .sldasm files but in .sldprt as well.  Below are two different images.  One complete, and one with th a missing latch, you can see it's still being reference.  It's not only parts within assemblies that go missing but dimensions as well.


File with Latch



File Without Latch




Lastly we have created a new card for all CAD and SW files.  It looks fine when viewed within the vault itself, but like this when viewed within SW (we have '12 with SP 5).  Is this something that get fixed through PDM or through SW?  And how?




Thank you for all of your help and suggestions.