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Anyone else finding themselves increasingly catering for SolidWorks downfalls?

Question asked by Peter Thickett on Nov 14, 2013

I am sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I have started to get really tired of the issues with SolidWorks that don't seem to get fixed, if anything they slowly get worse and worse.


I posted this in the configs/design tables section simply because this is the most recent issue I have been dealing with.


Basically I have a sheetmetal part (doomed to failure from the beginning I know), that is very basic, only a couple of bends, but the panel has quite a few (16 or so) configurations depending on the layout of punches on the main face of the panel. Each config then has a dependant that is the flat version of that config. The panel size and bend locations stay the same for each config. So it makes sense that it's one part file with numerous configurations.


But now I am at the end of my rope, despite this being the most efficient way forward, I am going to have to split the file into different part files. This is because features keep cropping up on configs that they shouldn't be, causing errors, or even worse just appearing on the wrong part. I have used SolidWorks for over 10 years, and I am very familiar with how to ensure new features stay suppressed on other configs etc so I know that isn't the problem. What is very strange is that seemingly unconnected features are now becoming dependant on each other. So if I unsuppress a punch for Panel A, it will bring along with it a punch for panel B and so on. If look at the parent/child info, these features aren't listed as being based upon each other?


Its too much, this stuff should be simple, but now I am going to have to break up my parts just because SolidWorks can't deal with really something quite straightforward.


I am done ranting now.