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Weldment Profile Directory Missing

Question asked by Peter Ham on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by Kelvin Lamport

Hi all,


I'm attempting to create a number of custom weldment profiles, and I'm stuck at the final hurdle.

The weldment profiles folder seems to be missing from my PC.


Tools>Options>File Locations lists it as being at C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\data\weldment profiles, but the weldment profiles directory is not shown, or accessible.

The original weldment profiles were working however (Channel, Rectangular section, Pipe etc)


I decided to add a network folder so the custom profile can be available to all our users, and add that to the File Locations list.

That worked fine, except that I have now lost all the original profiles.

If I remove the network folder from the list, the original profiles are back!


Anyone got any ideas?