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Discussion created by Dan Bertschi on Dec 15, 2006
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We tested systems last year and ended up with adequate systems, but nothing spectacular, and some cuts were made to my recommendations based on IT budgets...we don't need to get into that discussion...Anyway, the graphics design management is finally willing to pony up some cash for proper systems. We design very large assemblies (10K+ bodies), boilers & environmental systems for power plants. (See SWW2006 Design Contest Large Assy first place). Drawing performance is critical. These are our documents of record, and deliverables to customers. COSMOS was a driver in the current box choice, IT only wanted to support one platform, so we went with dual-core. These upgrades will have no COSMOS requirements, and minimum PhotoWorks use.

Our current systems are supposed to be x64 capable, I'm not 100% convinced, and still doing research on this. I really believe we need to go to x64 to make improvements in performance. I will list current specs below on the left and proposed changes/upgrades to the right. In addition to hardware changes, we are moving to a vaulted PDM system. I want these people working locally, they are currently shipping everything over the network to a compressed drive...need I say more?

IBM Lenovo ThinkCentre M52 8113

Current Specs Proposed Upgrade

Pentium D 820 2.8GHz no change
WinXP Pro x32 Dual Boot for WinXP Pro x32/x64
SW2006 SP4.1 x32 SW2007 SP2.1
3.5GB Ram 8GB Ram (2GB x 4)
80GB, SATA-150, 7.2K rpm 80+GB, SATA-300, 10K rpm
Quadro FX 1400, 128MB FX 3500 or 4500, 256 or 512MB?

I found the RivaTuner and tried it, but could not get an option to monitor video memory usage as explained. I think I understand the video memory vs. system ram addressing issue. Since we're not running PhotoWorks & such I don't think we need that much video ram. Am I wrong? Our drawings are as big as J88, 36" x 88".

Thanks for everyone's input to this forum!