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    Any idea what all these .res files are?

    Bruce Buck

      I've been finding a lot of .res files alongside the solidworks files in EPDM lately. They are local files that aren't the same but close in size to the originals.

      11-14-2013 1-12-04 PM.png

      Any ideas what these are?

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          Jeremy Feist

          back-ups? - we don't have them turned on, but that is my guess.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            The .res extension is usually related to a resource file. They are used by development tools, so I don't know why you are seeing them with SW files... but I really don't know much about .res files.


            Do you have any games installed on your computer?

            You may be seeing a file association glitch.


            EDIT: This may explain a bit more...


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                Bruce Buck

                No gaming . Although some might consider SW fun enough to call it a game. Yeah, I'm still scratching my head on this one. I go ahead and delete them when I see them; doesn't seem to do any harm. The only change I can think of that we did recenlty was turn on Local File Clean-up. Which is even more weird because if it did what it was supposed to, those files wouldn't even be there.

                11-15-2013 8-17-50 AM.jpg

                From the help file: "Local folders and local read-only files that are stored only in the local vault view and are not part of the vault are automatically deleted.Enterprise PDM uses a local cache mechanism; each vault view stores a cached copy of a retrieved file or folder.

                For example, if a file or folder is deleted or moved in the vault from another client view, a cached local copy of the deleted file or folder is left in the local client views on other systems. This option ensures that these orphaned objects are cleaned up automatically."


                Not sure if behind the scenes this is doing something weird that would create these files or if it's a result of something else. I'll try to do some additional testing and see if I can come up with anything.