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Import revision to filename

Question asked by Lasse Nielsen on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2013 by David Heffron

I'm currently trying to set up af WPDM as a test for better workflow.


Since the manufacturer is requiring that no files name are identical, this includes revision. This means I have to change the filename every single time I make the slighest change to a file. For that reason i would very much like SolidWorks to import the revision as part of the file name.


The flow should look like the


- Check out file

- - Name: PART1_A01

- - Revision: A01


- Make changes


- save and check out file -> Increase revion + rename

- - Name: PART1_A02

- - Revision: A02


Otherwise, if that is not an option, I would like SolidWorks to add the revision if I export files, so i can e-mail the files to manufacturer.


Name + Revision + "Save as" = PART1_A02