We Want Your User Group Stories/Testimonials

Discussion created by 1-3PL95X on Nov 13, 2013

Hello SolidWorks User Group Members,

We're looking for your stories about the user group(s) you belong to as a member. 


Did you learn something at a user group meeting that you might not have learned otherwise?


Did you get a new (or better) job as a result of the networking opportunities at a meeting?


Did you find a talented individual at a meeting that you eneded up hiring?


Do you have something nice to say about the leader (or leadership board) of your group?


Have you made any good friends?


Anything else?


A few lines, a paragraph or two, or a even wordy essay, whaever you'd like to say about your group or its leaders.


Please do not post them here.  We'll make these stories public later, but for now please use the email link below:


Send Your Story


Thanks in advance,