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    Problem with surface to solid model for CFD

    Shreyas Gavit

      Hey Guys,

                   This is my first ever attempt at making a surface model for a FSAE car body. I tried different ways of making this part but for some reason the final thickening of the surface is failing and hence, I am not able to get a solid body that I can use in a CFD analysis. I think the problem is overlapping surfaces or lofts but I am really lost on how to solve it. I don't even know if that is the actual problem. If someone could take a look at the part and help me solve this problem and telling me what I did wrong it would really be appreciated. I have attached the two versions of the part. I would ideally one final solid body that I can save as a step file and use in a CFD analysis.


      Looking forward to your solutions.

      Thank you so much.