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Professional and Gaming graphics

Question asked by Wyatt Sanders on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Anna Wood

I have a rig at home that I use for professional Solidworks/Autocad design, and I would like the benefit of a 'professional' graphics card while not forfeiting my gaming rig. I have two GPU's in crossfire, with more PCIe slots open. My question here is whether I can add in a firepro card to my existing rig, use it to do design, and switch between that and my other card setup on one rig. Does the monitor Im using for design even need to be hooked up to the firepro card? I imagine that the data could be processed on the firepro chipset and then passed off to gaming cards for display on the monitor. Does any of this sound realistic, or would I really need to just build a separate rig entirely for a professional CAD setup with a dedicated firepro card?


Does the firepro card also assist with rendering frames and animation in photoview 360, or does it solely work with just real-time design graphics?